Duration mediation

Once the parties have agreed to mediate, will be scheduled for more than a few weeks.

Mediation sessions are dependent on the availability of the parties and the mediator program.

If you need more mediation sessions, they are scheduled as soon as possible and desirable.

Most actual mediation sessions (excluding preparations), last from a few hours to around day, depending on the dispute resolved and the physical and mental readiness of the parties and the mediator.

Costs of mediation

Mediation does not require payment of court fees, mediator's fee is reasonable, the lawyers is optional for parties, and verification of the background and legality of the court is in a non-contentious proceedings, for the parties, with some exceptions, not have to pay legal fees.

Mediator's fee, as other costs that may arise during the mediation, paid by all parties in mediation.

The fee is calculated according to the object of the conflict, complexity of the case and the estimated time spent resolving conflict.

If, during the mediation, situation appears likely to affect its purpose, neutrality or impartiality of the mediator, it is bound to bring to attention the parties, who will decide on the continuation or termination of the mediation contract. In such cases, mediator has the right to terminate the mediation and direct the parties to another mediator, being obliged to refund the fee partially, reported in this work and effort up to that point.