Association "Mediation Apulum" started its activity in 2012, with the President and senior trainer in mediation as Mrs. Angelica Mocan, lawyer and mediator, Member of the Board of Mediation in Romania.

Angelica Mocan received training as a mediator of Excellence of Craiova Mediation Pilot, assistance in the training program as a mediator , organized by the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest in partnership with the Ministry of Justice of Romania, in 2005, being made that the average American trainers Linda reputation I. Lazarus, J.D. and Susan Green, J.D., LLM, exercising the profession of mediator since 2006.

He was the initiator and manager of the project "Establishment of the Centre for Mediation Alba – institutional instrument to promote mediation services to the individuals', project which has received European funding, the program – Lighthouse 2004, Civil Society Program, Component 3- "Democracy, Human Rights , Rule of law and independence of the judiciary " . The project aimed at informing individuals of Alba on the usefulness of mediation, as an alternative procedure for settling disputes, development of mediation services and training of magistrates, attorneys and lawyers in Alba County, and students from the Faculty of Law " 1 December 1918 "of Alba Iulia in seminars with the participation of renowned mediators, nationally and internationally.

He collaborated with Austrian mediators, Patricia Velikay şi Rupert Wackerle, the organization of the Seminar "Mediation Practice in the European Union" ( November 2007), which enjoyed broad participation and a significant echo in the legal,, the participation of a significant number of lawyers, judges, Lawyers, students, and other people interested in the issue of mediation. The seminar addressed the first, in Romania , mediation issues in the European context. Workshops focused on topics such as "What is mediation? The difference between mediation and judicial proceedings ", Relationship mediator / lawyer "" Models of practice in mediation ", "Development of mediation in Austria",, , "The European perspective on mediation" , "European legal systems under which mediation has become a viable alternative".

Usefulness and importance of the involvement of two Austrian mediators arises from the fact that previous, as European experts, the issue of mediation have advised the Ministry of Justice in drafting the Law 192/2006-privind mediation and the mediator profession, and subsequently lectured in a national program for the implementation of mediation in the Romanian magistrates.

It was funded by the U.S. Embassy Project Manager. Bucharest – Public Affairs Section, pilot program to promote mediation "Mediation – effective method of resolving conflicts ". -2009.

Association "Mediation Apulum" main activity is the provision of training as a mediator, both initial, and training, with a special emphasis on reliability and fairness, promoting and maintaining high quality services and content of courses organized.

Training of mediators with the main objectives:

a) acquisition of knowledge in the field of communication, theory and conflict analysis, negotiation techniques, alternative methods of conflict resolution and, in particular, the theory and practice of mediation;

b) development of practical skills in mediation;

c) knowledge of national and Community legislation on mediation;

d) ensuring access and maintaining the profession of mediator.

Since the commencement of the, Association "Mediation Apulum" formed in the profession of mediator, a significant number of people, derived from various professional backgrounds: magistrates, lawyers, lawyers, profesori university, auditors, economists, pharmacists, civil servants, officials from the M.A.I., etc..

Training as a mediator, carried out by the "Mediation Apulum" authorized by the Mediation Council of Romania by the Council of Environment No.. 1046/27.10.2012.

Training of mediators shall ensure through courses , the laws on adult training and ensure they are competent under the Ombudsman Occupational Standards.

Training of mediators ends with a graduation exam, organized in accordance with the decisions taken by the Board of Mediation.